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Heavenly Raspberry-Dark Chocolate Mousse (Vegan & Sugar-Free)

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Dark Chocolate and Raspberries are a match made in heaven. Sweet and tart raspberries cut the bitter bite of rich dark chocolate mousse. This dessert is plant-based, sugar-free, and gluten-free and is made with all-natural ingredients without any artificial flavouring. Extremely satisfying and delicious vegan mousse is smooth and creamy ...

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Fresh Raspberry Compote / Sauce / Fruit Spread

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Vegan Raspberry Fruit Sauce

Raspberry compote/sauce is a delicious blend of fresh raspberry and sweetener. This fresh fruit spread is sweet and tangy, perfect for a dessert topping or filling, layering cakes, crepe spread or topping on ice cream. This beautiful maroon thick & smooth sauce can transform even the simplest dessert into a ... more

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